Sharing some Lolla-pics

It’s weekend. Happiness! Here’s a few phone pics I took this week.

Started the week of with some seriously positive energy.
#cloudstories / #wolkstories; #lollasekiekies
The calm before the storm – #cloudstories
Found this rather big Sac spider in our bathroom. Apparently quite an aggressive fella. Seeing a lot of spinnies in and around the house. Sure the rains are playing a role.
Indoor ‘garden’-corner – #happyplace
I love our new plant-shelves
We are having a lot of rain. With the ground being saturated large pools of water are becoming a regular sight.
Almost there…. Half-century birthday coming up soon. Some planning happening, birthday party loading.
This morning Gary and me had breakfast under a very cloudy sky in a beautiful garden. Brilliant way to start a day.

Till later.

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