More About Yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday Pictures

Let me tell you a little bit more about yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday (a blog photo challenge I often take part in) photos.

The first photo of the four different colour handbags (Naamloos Platteland) on the tiny chairs in front of a lavender hedge was taken by myself at a local coffee shop this past Saturday. Me and three of my dearest friends met up for a long overdue coffee-&-cake morning and had some fun taking marketing pics of the bags as Marlene sells them. True and behold, the bags cought a few eyes. Time spent with friends is always a blessing.

Photos number 2 and 3 showed some very dark and heavy clouds rolling in to Kempton Park on Tuesday afternoon, bringing with it a significant drop in temperatures. Clouds – as many other natural phenomena – is a huge passion of mine. I am convinced that I must have hundreds of thousands of cloud pictures in my archives.

Photo 4 has been edited and filtered somewhat. It is a picture of a very large tree in the yard behind us, with only the slightest hint of the very bright pastel rainbow which decorated the icy cold morning skies behind it. The two pictures (5 & 6) which followed shows the same winter-clad tree with a meeting of birds (doves). I wonder if they were discussing ….. krrrr krrrr …. the ongoing electricity crisis.

The 7th photo showcases some of the tiny but beautiful flowers in my garden, planted from seed in summer. This is followed by a silhoutte photo of an ostrich captured at a local nature reserve this past Sunday. I personally love this picture. Followed by more tiny white flowers (picture filtered) and then sunlight through two trees and a gravel road.

Photo 11 as well as the last two photos in this specific collection were all taken in the same nature reserve mentioned earlier. This is one of my favourite places.

Kestrel power station on the East Rand of Johannesburg is shown against the backdrop of bright blue winter skies. Variety is the spice of life, and something different is welcome – don’t you think? These are followed by some seashells and another birdie in the same big tree.

Thank you so much for each and every one of you who loves, likes and comments on my photos. Till next time.

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    1. Daai handsakke is pragtig. Marlene, een van ons blogvriendinne, verkoop hulle. Jy koop die dop, inner, handvatsels volgens jou smaak van die opsies wat hulle het en bou so jou eie ene. Hulle is flink en vinnig, en lewer by die naaste Postnet af.

      Ek weet ons moet nie hier bemark nie, maar ek noem dit indien iemand sou belangstel. Die sakke trek nogal baie aandag.

      Naamloos Platteland handsakke – kontak Marlene – 083 962 6896

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