Into the Future I Roamed – ChatGPT & DALL-E

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So this morning I tried my hand at Open AI – chatgpt. I have recently been reading some posts by fellow bloggers about the latest tools avaible, e.g. Chatgpt and DALL-E. These bots (those in the know, please correct me where I am wrong?) are a reality in our lives and despite all the different views, I’m sure it is here to stay.

So before I share my AI creations with you, please note that I am very much a novice when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. I am, as many of you probably also are, quite careful, with a bit of apprehension, about venturing into this unknown and quite frankly, scary realm. Do you also wonder, “What are we opening ourselves up to”, or “Should I, shouldn’t I”?

With a giggle and a grin I must also concede that by sharing the following with you, I allow a sneak-peak into my headspace. I invite you to read the poems and sketches below and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.


I used the following prompt: Please create a stacatto, hippie vibe poem. Use concepts such as crypto currency, unicorns, cosmos flowers, storm clouds, energy, emotions. Add some humor and despair. Within seconds the bot created the following.

In a world of crypto craziness,
Where unicorns roam with grace,
Cosmos flowers bloom in madness,
And storm clouds darken the space.

Energy flows through the air,
Emotions swirl in the breeze,
Hope and fear both beware,
As we ride the crypto seas.

Bitcoin high, Dogecoin low,
The market’s an emotional rollercoaster,
With gains and losses in tow,
We feel like we’re just a poser.

But we hold on tight to our dreams,
Hoping to strike it rich one day,
Yet the market’s never as it seems,
And despair often comes our way.

So we light some incense, burn some sage,
And try to keep our hippie vibe,
Hoping that the crypto age,
Will bring us the life we desire.

We send our wishes to the stars,
An hope for some cosmic luck,
Maybe one day we’ll own fancy cars,
And retire to a life of luxury, without being stuck.

Until then, we’ll keep on trading,
Through the ups and the downs,
Hoping that our investments keep aiding,
Our dreams of being crowned.

I then continued my chat with: Thanks, that is brilliant. Can you redo the poem in a more romantic, lyrical tone? Add something about AI and its impact on the human race. The result:

Amidst the crypto world’s frenzy,
Where unicorns prance and play,
Cosmos flowers sway gently,
Under storm clouds’ moody sway.

Energy hums, emotions flow,
As we navigate the crypto tide,
With gains and losses in tow,
Our hearts hopeful, our fears aside.

Yet in the midst of all this chaos,
We hear the whisper of the AI,
Its impact on humanity momentous,
As it evolves, learns, and magnifies.

With its intelligence so profound,
It could transform the world we know,
And help us create a better, kinder ground,
Where love, peace, and beauty grow.

Oh, how we dream of such a future,
Where technology and humanity unite,
AI’s potential a wonder to nurture,
A force for good, a beacon of light.

As we gaze at the stars above,
We wonder what the future holds,
But we hold on to hope and love,
And let our dreams and aspirations unfold.

For amidst the crypto currency craze,
And the impact of AI on our fate,
We find solace in love’s endless blaze,
And in the magic that lies in our state.

As I kinda felt that I was talking to a humanlike entity I couldn’t resist ending our ai convo politely:
Me: Much appreciated. Goodbye. Tchau.
Bot: You’re welcome! Goodbye and take care! Tchau!

Fascinating and intriguing. Personally I still need to consider all the possible pro’s and con’s. I certainly have a lot to learn. But I am quite impressed with this AI encounter.


Thanks to Dr Christa van Staden whose blogs introduced me to OpenAI:Chatgpt, I also proceeded to the unchartered DALL-E. I am still totally clueless but I share with you some of the AI generated images which was created with the intention to go with the above Chatgpt theme. (For me, the images are slightly scary, even disturbing. Maybe it’s a matter of “Be careful what you ask for…”)

Enough venturing into the future (or not the future, maybe right here right now…) for this Gen X’r. It truly is an amazing world we live in.

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