Lolla’s Positively Thursday Positivity Post – 10 March 2022

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There are good days, bad days, horrible days, better days.
But there is almost always something to be thankful for.
Through thinking positive, you feel positive, move positive, act positive.
You attract and share positive.
Drink in each drop of positive energy.
Be eclectic and agile, be a Miracle engineer, an architect of Wowness, a distributor of Joy.

Be Positively and Awesomely YOU!
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Interesting Fact:
Today is International Bagpipe Day #bagpipeday
Did you know that there are more the 130 different types of bagpipes worldwide? I mean, WHAT?
And who does not love the sound of these wind-instruments?

10 March – International Bagpipe Day
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Another Interesting Fact (one worth taking note of, I think):
Today, 10 March, is also International Kidney Day (first celebrated in 2006). This day aims to raise awareness around the importance of healthy kidneys. Some things to keep in mind while looking after your own kidneys and overall health:
* manage your blood sugar levels;
* stay active;
* be mindful of which medicines – and the amounts thereof – you take;
* always drink enough water – stay hydrated.

YOU need to look after YOU – a healthy You is up to you
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Lastly, the most MAGNIFICENT piece of information for today:

Today is…… WAIT FOR IT ……….

Well, in short, this is MY day, YOUR day – OUR day! This is just a darn good extraordinary fabulous day. (And it’s Chuck Norris’s birthday, too.)

Now – Go Rock Your Awesome. And keep smiling.


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4 thoughts on “Lolla’s Positively Thursday Positivity Post – 10 March 2022”

  1. Awesomeness day! Ai, ek’t dit gemis … dit sal seker nie skade doen om dit op hierdie Vrydag ook te vier nie 😁.
    Die doedelsak het spesiale bekoring vir my … toe ons, na 29 dae en 720km se stap deur Spanje in Santiago instap (waar ons Camino “journey” geeindig het), het daar ‘n man op ‘n doedelsak gespeel net voor ons die Santiago katedraal bereik het … dit was ‘n magiese oomblik!

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    1. Dit klink fantasties. Moet ‘n belewenis wees.

      En natuurlik kan ons vandag nog Awesomeness day vier. Ek dink sommer enige dag, net wanneer ons wil.

      Mooi Vrydag vir julle en DANKIE vir die lekker saamgesels. 🎢🌸

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