A Quick Note, is more than enough

Busy working at my work-from-home desk. Lots to do. This year my writing is and will remain a priority, for me.

Thus the urge to come and create a little something. To reach out into the world of creativity and connect with like-minded souls. Even if it is brief.

I tend to attract chaos. Everything in excess. One can never have too many pens and colouring pencils, I say….
Books. Journals. Sticky notes. Colourful writing tools.

So I thought I would share some of the things which is currently right in front of me, with you. How much can you relate?

A bit dusty, but that’s not caused by under-utelization. This little monster swallows a huge part of my life.
I’m being watched šŸ‘€

Lately I often feel frustrated and “blocked”, struggling to find a comfortable rhythm when writing. So many contributing factors. But giving up is never and option.

Does my pictures (taken in my bedroom, from my work desk) say anything about Me?
More books (dictionary) and my faithful, home knitted “rasta” beany. One of my little comforts.
These two…. There is a story behind this story. Soon to be shared.

For now, that’s me. I will be content with my little creation. I will not question my talents and abilities. And soon, I shall return.


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