Miracles & Magic

The last bits of Christmas has been boxed away (or eaten 😁). New Years greetings are fizzleling out. New resolutions are being set and some already forgotten.

I’m currently in a full fibro flare-up and if I allow it, can easily be swallowed alive in a pool of absolute soul exhaustion. But, by now I have built up quite an arsenal of tools to get my go going.

  • Get my arse out of bed
  • Make the bed
  • Deep, focused breathing
  • Shake shake and move it move it
  • Coffeeeeeeeee
  • etc etc etc
2022 and beyond – Miracles&Magic

So I’m thinking, 2022 will be my (our) year of #miracles&magic.

Are we making today our best day yet??? Who’s with me?