On this Friday – #lollasrealfeelings

If for a moment
You are to be still
And ponder the very true essence
of your innermost thoughts
and feelings
What would you say
What would you share
How honest can you be
with yourself
with the world

I am happy, content, grateful, truly blessed
I have amazing friends
I love my home and so so many other things
I live a conscious life filled to the brim with intense emotions

I am spoilt with the best of human companionship
I am rich with a caring, compassionate heart.
My house is filled with plants, love and happiness.

Because I live and feel in extremes, I am also
Kinda broken
In danger of (and very close to) total burnout (back where I was 3 years ago)
In an ongoing health-whirlpool

For now, that’s all. Take care, have fun and recognize those feelings and thoughts which shapes your reality.

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