A little bit more about me and my blog

While I mostly write in Afrikaans I will from time-to-time also post in English. I share my own story, my life, my thoughts, fears, dreams through my writing. Often I share too easily, which is certainly not always wise – especially in a world where you are quickly judged and labelled.

My once very thin skin has grown thicker and stronger over time and through experience. So, as long as I do what I love, i.e. write, and I have people who find value or entertainment in what I have to say, I will continue to share ME. For this reason, my blog posts are more often than not written from a “Me or I” perspective. This does not mean I am always right, or know best. Not at all. There is no added agenda’s behind my writing. It is part of who I am.

As I learn more about blogging (although I currently find myself in a bit of a slump) I hope to reach more people. Sharing laughter, love and kindness but also talking about our realities are some of my objectives with my posts. And to write – keep on writing as if it is part of my every breath.

LollaseKiekies – my love for all things beautiful
A recent photo taking of the Langebaan lagoon from within the Westcoast National Park

So …… do what you love first, and then do what you must


That’s all for now.
Lolla Greetings

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8 thoughts on “A little bit more about me and my blog”

  1. Ag Lolla, en daar trek my hart nou met ‘n punt na “my” mooi Langebaan! Kraalbaai is een van ons gunsteling plekke waar ons met ons kayakke gaan roei …
    Dis reg, skryf jou hart uit – behalwe dat dit heerlik is om gedagtes neer te pen, is dit ook goed vir mens se siel om emosies en gedagtes op papier te sit (of dan op jou rekenaar ☺️).

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  2. Ek bly hier in Langebaan en weet dat die strande hier so mooi is! Skryf is nie juis my sterk punt nie, daarom deel ek graag foto’s om meer van myself te vertel. Jy kan ook kyk daar is baie uitdaging op blog waarvoor jy kan skryf!

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